Your Skin Care Regime – Beauty Tips

Your Skin Care Regime - Beauty Tips

Your normal skin care system may not be the best diet throughout the year. However, changing beauty routines according to the season is something that few of us have stopped to consider the beauty tips.

Just like changing your wardrobe seasonally, you also need to rotate your skincare products to protect your complexion from weather variations … extreme heat, cold, humidity … and even toughness. violent winds. The environmental / geographic conditions in which you live, as well as the daily stress you experience, can affect the behavior and reaction of your skin! As a result, attention to seasonal climate change will affect the skin care treatments needed and possible changes to the diet.

Did you know that our eating habits also change with the seasons? This is probably due to the seasonal harvesting habits of all things fresh, fruity and green! Because we all agree, what you get directly influences the health of your skin.

You now have several reasons to change your diet as the seasons go by!

You will usually notice that your complexion tends to be thicker in the summer and drier in the winter, which means that the same moisturizer used all year round will not be enough. Use the seasonal change in your area as an indicator to start the transition of your products. Here are some tips on healthy skin to guide you through the seasons:

It’s time to exfoliate the dry skin of the winter months so that moisturizers are better absorbed. Look for products containing alpha-hydro acids to help with the cleaning process.
Look for products containing chronically acid. It is a powerful wetting agent (a moisture-binding ingredient that holds moisture in the skin) that keeps the skin moist and moisturized and, yes, looks young. This is fundamental and desirable in a drier climate.
Retinue-based products also play an important role in seasonal changes. This covers all the needs of your skin: UV protection; skin smoother and firmer; a more uniform tone; fewer pimples and narrower pores.

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