Use An Eyelash Curler – Beauty Tips

Use An Eyelash Curler - Beauty Tips

Eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara are standard tools in all makeup sets. But make-up professionals know that using an eyelash curler can still improve your eyes, giving them a wider and clearer look. Economical and easy to use, an eyelash curler is also safe for proper use. Continue reading for information on curler types and detailedinstructions in beauty tips.

Eyelash fold options

There are two types of curling irons: the classic curling iron and the most recent heated curling iron. “Although manual or heated rollers can be used to curl the lashes, everyday effects are only temporary,” says eyelash designer Wanna Smith, owner of Glam Eyelash and Brow Bar Salon in Duluth, Georgia.

Traditional eyelash curler.

This curling iron is made of metal and has the same handles you could find on a pair of scissors. The handles open and close a clip that, if firmly pressed for a few seconds, produces the loop. The ring end has a rubber cushion to protect the delicate lashes from the metal clip. The curling iron works by frowning at the forehead, making them appear longer and more pronounced. “Find a curved eyelash curler, not fair,” advises Candice Torres DE Yo unique. “The curved base adapts well to the natural shape of the eye and can approach the lash line without pinching.” Make sure you choose a model with a good-sized cushion to support your lashes, as well as a naturally shaped handle that is easier to hold, he suggests. To avoid possible infections, replace the pillow on the iron every two months. An eyelash curler usually costs between $ 5 and $ 25, depending on the brand and the store. a package of spare rubber cushions at the same time.

Heated eyelash curlers are another option. Some use a small heated brush instead of a clip to curl the lashes. Bring the heated brush from the base of the lashes to the tip, starting from the center of the eye to the edges. Eyelash curlers cost between $ 10 and $ 20.

Gradual advice from professionals

If you are using one of the most recent heating curlers, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you prefer the traditional and inexpensive model, follow these tips to get the best buckle.

Start with clean lashes.

For best results, remove all old mascaras from the lashes before curling them. The old mascara can hide the curling iron or cause eyelash formation, explains Torres, so it’s important to remove it. Use a light makeup remover without eye oil; any oil on your eyelashes would cause a new stain on your new mascara application. “Mascara will go much more easily if the eyelashes are curly and more easily accessible,” says Torres. “I naturally glued my eyelashes, so it’s difficult to reach all the little hair unless it curls it first.”

So do the eyelid makeup.

“First put on eye shadow and skin, then curl your eyelashes and add your favorite mascara,” says Torres.

Tighten carefully.

Open the eyelash curler – and your eyes – and place the eyelashes between the padded base and the top,” says Torres. “Insert the eyelash curler in position and try to get as close as possible to the upper lash line without the skin, don’t be afraid, go slow when it’s your first time.” Close the clamp with the handle and gently tighten it for 10-15 seconds. ”

To avoid tight curves and create a naturally curly appearance, gently release the curling iron and move it to a distance of one or two millimeters from the lid, then fix the eyelashes again for five to ten seconds. Gently release the curling iron and repeat the process once or twice, bringing it closer to the end of the lashes.

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You can repeat the process if you think your eyelashes are not sufficiently curled. If you are satisfied, add mascara. “To keep as many rings as possible, try to find a formula that is neither too wet nor too heavy,” says Torres.

You might need a little practice: learn to move your eyelashes through the pliers, comfortably tighten and use mascara to keep this curve. But in no time, you create beautiful and long eyelashes almost without effort .

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