The First Trends Of The World Cup Are Bad News For Pakistan – Latest Trends

The First Trends Of The World Cup Are Bad News For Pakistan - Latest Trends


At least at the beginning of the match, it looks like a fast, aggressive, short-pitched bowling tournament, a kind of thing that Pakistanis are known to fight for .

Just look at how they behaved against the West Indies in their opening match: They all played 105 against what turned out to be an inflatable track at Trent Bridge, with spacemen for each of the 10 wickets. Pakistani drummers left much of the matter short, and were often upset when they wanted to take it.

The next step for Pakistan on the same pitch as Nottingham is England, the dynamic host country that could be about to drop Mark Wood with Josefa Archer in a two-speed attack.

And Pakistan knows what to expect on Monday in Latest Trends.

“We have not handled the short ball very well, so we have a lot of practice, because we know it will happen,” said Azhar Mahmood, Pakistan bowling coach. “In South Africa [during the winter], we had the same kind of problems.

“When people come from the subcontinent, the other teams will use this type of tactic,” said Azhar, a former generalist for the Surrey and Kent counties. “All the teams are going to play short against us, so we’re training, and we’ve already done it, so I think we need to move on and focus on the next game.”

Data from the Crichton website showed that of the 54 wickets that fell during the first three days of the World Cup, 23 balls were thrown in the short or long term by fast bowlers. The fast bowlers played 454 short or short balls in four games, said Crichton, with a hit rate of one wicket every 19 balls.

Archer, who defeated South Africa in the win on the opening day of the first day, was one of the most exciting so far and beat at speeds of up to 150 km / h (150 km / h). ).

Last call of the England team, Archer could be the most important bowling player considering the evolution of the tournament.

“It could be a trend,” said English captain Erin Morgan about the success of the fast bowlers. “Probably in recent years in the shorter formats of the game, it’s leg spin. This could be a trend for the tournament.

“It could be the nature of the land. The grounds are rather beautiful, the seam crossed in the wicket perhaps raises a better reaction than any other bowling. ”

It is unlikely to last as the land is increasingly worn and slow. Pakistan will be part of the teams in the hope that change will happen quickly.

Azhar is not worried. He said the Pakistanis lost their first match at the 1992 World Cup before winning it. They lost the first match at the 2017 Champions Trophy held in England and also won.


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