The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Skin – Beauty Tips

The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Skin - Beauty Tips

We know that poor air quality can have a negative effect on the body. We do not often think about the effects of air pollution on the skin. Recent studies show that air pollution causes more damage to your skin than you think. The main role of the skin is to act as a protective barrier, it is constantly exposed to air pollution and the sun. This causes your skin to be beaten badly by all external influences of the environment on beauty tips.

The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Skin - Beauty Tips
The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Skin – Beauty Tips

A recently completed study in France founda link between pollution and itchy skin rashes. The researchers analyzed the levels of different types of pollution in certain regions of France. They discovered that as air pollution in these areas increased, so did the number of patients with rashes and conjunctivitis. This suggests a link between the amount of pollution in the air and the skin problems that individuals are confronted with.

Dermatologist Debra Lufthansa of Beverly Hills said that “pollution is one of the main sources of skin damage because airborne toxins prematurely skin, especially the face, neck and hands”. The skin that is constantly exposed to the air carries the greatest risk. What exactly does air pollution do with your skin? It depends on the type of contamination to which the skin is exposed.

There are two types of air pollution: ozone and suspended particles. Ozone is released into the air by cars, trucks, planes and everything that releases toxic gases. When ozone comes into contact with living tissue, it causes corrosion. Skin corrosion causes loss of hydration and elasticity, which speeds up the aging process. Particles are a mixture of solid particles in the air. These include dust, dirt and smoke. Dr. Lufthansa says these things are on the skin, cause inflammation and break down the proteins in the skin. They can also clog pores, making them larger than they actually are. Most people can suffer from skin injuries due to a combination of both types of pollution.

Although pollution is a serious problem almost everywhere, some areas are much worse than others. Particles are classified based on their size and any amount below 10 is considered dangerous. The finer the material, the easier it can penetrate into the pores, leading to skin damage and premature aging. Many areas in the United States have levels as low as 2.5, putting people in these areas at risk. The urban areas of California, Texas, Nevada and Utah are among the best places for concentrations of hazardous particles and ozone. Wherever you live, you are probably exposed to the negative effects of air pollution on your skin. During cooking, cleaning and candles, particles and free radicals are released that can also damage the skin.

What now? Are we fighting this threat that we face every day? Unfortunately, we cannot offer 100% protection against air pollution through the skin. We all have a life and nobody spends his life in a bubble! However, some measures must be taken and care must be taken to preserve skin life. The specific material can be microscopic. Dr. Laurie Padlock, a Washington state dermatologist, said, “In most cases, our hands alone are unable to effectively remove contamination from these dimensions.” We need extra help to repair all the dirt and dirt that comes into our pores during the day. Fortunately for you, Silk’n offers products specially designed for these purposes. They can offer protection, cleansing power and skin rejuvenation. Simultaneous use of all Silk’n products can help keep the youth of your skin and make you look younger for longer! Follow the four-step procedure below and you can preserve the life of your skin .

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