The 10 Best Wedding Dresses Worn By Pakistani Celebrities – Pakistani Beautiful Actress

The 10 Best Wedding Dresses Worn By Pakistani Celebrities [Photos] - Pakistani Beautiful Actress

Bridal fashion is a big problem in Pakistan. Many famous Pakistani celebrities experience different transformations of brides into dramas, fashion shows and photo shoots. Because of their celebrity status, every woman is curious about the latest trends in bridal wear worn by these superstars. And of course they want something! Pakistani Beautiful Actress.

Here is a list of the 10 most elegant wedding dresses worn by very famous Pakistani celebrities.

Barat dress from Mahenur Haider
Recognized for its roles in blockbuster movies such as “Parks” and “Teefa in Trouble”, the dress by Mahenur was designed to match its beauty perfectly.

The actress is one of the few celebrities who wear a heavily embroidered dress with special attention to detail in every motif.


The pink wedding dress by Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung wore a beautiful pink wedding dress on his special day. The Sanam dress is elegantly embroidered because the motif has very beautiful pink hues.

These shades, combined with refined golden embroidery, give it an essential formal look for the bride.

Sarwat Gillani’s Dress Out
Sarwat Gillani chose to wear a wedding dress with a very rare color combination among the wedding dresses.

The daring risk of Sarwat is rewarded by the style of the dress, by its beautiful decorations and embroidery that distinguish it from the traditional wedding dresses that we are used to seeing.

Aisha Khan’s simple but elegant Nikkah dress
The Aisha Khan dress has become an important source of inspiration for girls around the world who prefer to wear something light and unobtrusive on their wedding day.

For the occasion, the actress wore pastel colors with a gharara and a short, straight shirt. Aisha has shown that simplicity can sometimes be better.

The beautiful wedding dress from Urwa Hocane
Urwa has chosen to retain the traditional element with its barat dress. The actress wore a sophisticated dress with a combination of silver and light peach colors.

The wedding dress looks good and has complex embroidery.
The Sharmila dress beautifully captures the essence of the oriental wedding dress. People are often afraid of red clothing, but Sharmila wore his in style.

The dress has a beautiful dabka and lehnga work and stays true to the traditional style.

The elegant dress from Naimal Khawar
Naimal Khawar chose to wear something of that meaning and attachment to her. The bride wore a simple and elegant wedding dress that had already been worn by her mother.

After making some minor changes, Naimal’s dress emphasized her grace and old-fashioned class, reminding everyone that sometimes girls didn’t have to spend a lot of money to make themselves beautiful.
The Valima dress by Aiman ​​Khan
Aiman ​​Khan was wearing a wonderfully beautiful suit during his Valima event. The actress chose a dress with beautiful peach-colored pastel shades and a long, heavily embroidered tail.

The dress has a beautifully designed blouse and a pinch just to complete the overall look.

The beautiful wedding dress from Mahenur Haider
Model Mahenur stands out even more while she beats everyone with her beautiful wedding dress. Mahenur wore a dress with a fascinating color scheme on his mehndi / nikkah function. The traditional model of dopedata dual, combined with the elegant work of the opaque dabka on lehnga, turned out to be the perfect combination.

The shades of brown and blue complement each other and make the Mahenur Haider dress one of the most popular wedding dresses on this list.

The red dress of Saniya Shamshad
With an elegant and strongly embroidered wedding dress, Saniya Shamshad was beautiful on this special day. The dress has an attractive red and gold hue with beautiful dabka craftsmanship.

The duppata is finely embroidered, making this dress a must for almost all future brides in Pakistan.

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