Review Of Kaisa Hai Naseeban’s Drama A Revolt Against Society – Pakistani Review

Review Of Kaisa Hai Naseeban's Drama A Revolt Against Society - Pakistani Review

What stood out in “Kaisa Hai Naseeban”, produced in 26 episodes, was the heartbreaking monologue uttered by Waseem Abbas (who was playing Jamal, father of our lead actress Maryam) in the final episode in Pakistani Review.

Review Of Kaisa Hai Naseeban's Drama A Revolt Against Society - Pakistani Review
Review Of Kaisa Hai Naseeban’s Drama A Revolt Against Society – Pakistani Review

Too bad, always in shock of the fate reserved for his eldest daughter, he wondered why our society allowed a man to live under the false idea of owning his wife. The simple scene moves only because in the last episode, Ahmed (Maryam’s husband) mentally abused his wife just because he was still in his Nikkah.
At first glance, Kaisa Hai Naseeban has a clear message: put an end to marital problems. But the drama is much more than that. It shows how emotions influence parents’ decisions and how parents face all challenges with a smile on their faces because of their daughter’s happiness.

The drama began with Jamal’s sister who presented her only son’s proposal to Maryam. This was the point that the show has beautifully represented. The “phuppo” lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and claims to be financially stable. He talks about owning restaurant chains and portraits as if he were leading a dream life.

Although Jamal’s wife (Shahana) is a little skeptical (because her sister had also asked for Maryam’s hand in her son’s wedding), Jamal thinks her daughter will live in peace.

Later, it was discovered that it was a facade. The “phuppo” lived in a three-bedroom apartment in the city. He did not have a domestic worker at his home and he did not have enough money to hire one.

Congratulations to the producer for pointing out the problem so common in our country. That many girls want to settle abroad after marriage is a fact. It was not an exaggeration. It is even more true that Maryam’s parents thought she would be happier in her home “phuppo”. When it comes to family members living abroad, these are just their words.

If they say they have a sum x or live in the upscale neighborhood of the city, you should definitely agree. How can a family know if they are lying? You can not just book a ticket and go to another country to see for yourself their living conditions.

There are many examples of girls who went abroad and thought they would live a decent life there, but they discovered that their in-laws had nothing. And it’s not just money that motivates girls or their parents to say yes to marriage. In general, we believe, rightly, that living abroad does not present as many challenges as we do in Pakistan.
That being said, the drama has not preached that you should not marry your daughter with someone from abroad. He emphasized the importance of conducting a background check on all those who came to pick up your daughter’s hand in marriage, no matter how close you are to your family.

But it’s not the lack of money that has destroyed Maryam’s mind. Her life collapsed the first time she was beaten by her husband whom she loved and trusted. In fact, I am one of the people initially considered by Maryam as a weak character. I was angry at her because she was a doormat. But then I tried to go further in what the show wanted to show.

We have a character who left the country for the first time. Throughout his life, he led a secure life with the support and love of his father. It was difficult for him to understand treason and act accordingly. And a lot of things stopped her. We live in a society where divorce is considered a taboo.

Women are trying to make their marriage a success until the end. They suffer in silence and think that things will get better. Although Maryam’s fears and inhibitions were admirably shown, it would have been better if they had shown how Maryam fought them and returned to Pakistan.
In showing her abortion (or, as it is called, the murder of her son), the creators turned Maryam into a weaker character who had to rely on her sister-in-law’s husband to be finally released.

The great tragedy of Maryam was the only reason she escaped from hell. Since dramas have the power to change existing mentalities, it would have been commendable if he had shown how, under the circumstances, Maryam had reacted to take control of his life.

But these things can be ignored. That’s because this show was one of the few that did not show that Maryam had married someone to take control of her life.

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