Review Of Episode 20 Of ShahRukh Ki Saliyan Glucosio And The Mickey Mouse Scene Are A Bit Bright! – Pakistani Review

Review Of Episode 20 Of ShahRukh Ki Saliyan Glucosio And The Mickey Mouse Scene Are A Bit Bright! - Pakistani Review

ShahRukh Ki Saliyan, the comedy drama series that is one of our favorite comedies, due to the well-written dramatic drama. Younis Butt. The game is full of spiritual jokes and a big punch. Shahrukh and Anoushe desperately want to marry their sisters as soon as possible to get married. This episode is entirely dedicated to Mickey Mouse and Glucose and it seems that their scene has changed in Pakistani Review.

Shahrukh and Anoushe convince Glucose to talk to Hawaldaar Sahab from Mickey’s hand, but Glucose is really afraid of Hawaldaar Sahab. He dreams that Hawaldaar will shoot him with his gun and when Mickey Mouse insists he talks about their marriage to his father, he sees Hawaldar Sahab holding his weapon in his hand. He talks about his marriage but in a very hurried and frightening way, he says that Mickey Mouse wants to marry him and Hawaldaar Sahab asks Mickey Mouse, she replies that he didn’t say it!
Abbas sir and Nigaar still exchange vocal notes. He is one of the most entertaining comedy characters. He and Komal’s secretary are both well-made characters. It sounds so funny when Abbas Sir is meeting in the office and goes to the laundry after every call he gets on his phone after receiving a Nigerian voice message. In one of the video chats, he confesses his true feelings for Nigaar, who shocked her and no longer wants to talk to him.
And in the scene that shows the next day, we see that a stranger has sent many gifts to Hawaldar House. The name is not there, only the word is mentioned I’m sorry, but the girls think it’s Mickey Mouse. Mickey thinks that glucose has sent him all these gifts. She is really impressed, but glucose clearly refuses to have not sent gifts. Well, everyone wonders who sent them so many gifts and why? In my opinion, Abbas sends them to Nigeria.
Hawaldaar discovers the mystery that these gifts are actually sent by MD that I don’t know if it is true or not, but it seems that Hawaldaar is really impressed by MD and is no longer angry with him. Glucose is using his brain and this time he finds something clever, he says that MD was sick of Hawaldaar Sahab and called it that ugly name. Hawaldaar Sahab is once again very angry with MD and it seems that the scene of glucose and Mickey Mouse is programmed!

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