Review: Lord Moon Yes – Decent Comedy But Unconvincing Romance – Showbiz News

Review: Lord Moon Yes - decent comedy but unconvincing romance - Showbiz News

Lord Moon Yes with Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman and Faizan Sheikh in crucial roles is a romantic comedy. The film follows Kabeer, a successful architect whose accident begins with the diagnosis of a deadly disease, where he meets his former lord, who drives him into a bigger mess on showbiz news.

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The film begins the first 40 minutes in a funny tone with a decent comedy, followed by good comedy pieces throughout the film. Heer Maan Ja stays away from the humor of the bathroom, making it a family-friendly movie. Humor is often taken by surprise in Pakistan, considering that the treatment of comedy in the country is actually fun and clean, without vulgarity and without insults. It was a very positive aspect of the film that was removed from the film. The film’s music was fashionable and has a repetition value. While Addi is cheerful, Kuch Tu Hua Ha and Chan Mahi will make an agreement in your heart.
Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooq gave a decent performance. Given the comedy, action, and romanticism cited by Ali Rehman in the film, he did well in terms of humorous timing. However, the film fails to develop the chemistry of the protagonists. If they had shown how their love story had developed in the past, we could have better understood their love pain. Although the film has given very colorful characters in the main characters, the main characters are the least developed. From the trailer, it seemed like Lord would be a very interesting character, but there was not even much in it.
The antagonist Faizan Sheikh had monotonous expressions throughout the film and failed to emit the necessary villain. Since the film was about honor killings, we expected the villain to have a big impact. In the secondary distribution, Mojiz Hassan as Jerry and Shamayel Khattak as Ramsy, both played well. Both offer comic relief in the film.

“I want to found the Pakistani film industry” Hareem Farooq

The movie has a lot of cameos and many are extremely funny. Shaz Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Ali Kazmi have colorful characters. Mikaal was almost unrecognizable in his doctor’s avatar and did well in his role as a comedian. Even talking to Ali Kazmi was interesting and fun. Amina Shiekh was a delight to watch. His gangster looks so charming. His love for Jerry was a little unusual, but it was good. The trailer also had cameos from Ahmed Ali Akbar and star child Sami Khan, unfortunately they did not make the final cut.

The cinematography of the film is only average. The color correction was sometimes very clear and did not suit the mood and the situation of the scene. Sets and value of production may not be large scale, but serve well. The inside of the houses, Kabeer’s office and even Jerry’s room were well done.


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