Pakistani Celebrities Fashion Trends who Wear Shameless Dresses

Pakistani Celebrities who Wear Shameless Dresses

Those Pakistani actresses who wear shameless clothes just to expose themselves, to reach the peak of success and got popularity. These Pakistani celebrities wear shameless dresses and cross their limits to get success. They wear western dresses in all fashion shows, events.

Especially Female Stars forgotten their Pakistani culture, costume and mores and values and copying the Western culture. These actresses and models have the misconception that they will look prettier and catchy in Western dresses and people and entire media will give attention rather than in eastern dresses. Besides this, they are ready to become bold for sake of rating and get leading role in mega-budget dramas with high profile heroes and to get work in Bollywood films and do such activities which are not acceptable. We cannot blame only actresses to become vulgar, male directors and owners, producers, heroes, and owner of channels or production houses are equally responsible because they ask actresses to do what they want. There are some leading actresses who wear shameless dresses and cross their limits like Mawra Hocane, Mehwish Hayat, Sohai Ali Abro, Ayesha Omar, Mahira Khan, Sana Sarfraz, Mathira Khan, Neelam Muneer, Sana Sarfraz, Sara Loran, Meera, and Saba Qamar and Humaima Malik such as Mawra wear vulgar dresses in Bollywood movies and give a negative response to their fans.

Ayesha Omer Wear Shameless Dresses
Ayesha Omer
Ushna Shah Bold Dresses
Ushna Shah
Mathira Khan

Hamaima Malik is ideal for Bollywood movies because she is not only shy but also wears shameless cloths. She is more famous in India showbiz industry than in Pakistan Showbiz industry. Actresses and models should follow their own culture and traditional kind of dressing because they will look beautiful and elegant in their own cultural outfits. By trend of Western dresses, their personality will come out as a controversial personality. Pakistani Celebrities fashion Trends need to start showing the Pakistani culture in the true sense as these actresses are the ambassadors of the Pakistani culture.

Humaima Malik

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