Mira Sethi Is Engaged And She Is In Love! Pakistani Showbiz News

Mira Sethi Is Engaged And She Is In Love! Pakistani Showbiz News

Pakistan’s showbiz industry has produced a lot of great actors and stars. Every star Pakistan’s showbiz industry has ever found is great one way or another. November is full of surprises. These surprises are hitting the internet one after another. People love to hear about the favorite celebrities in Pakistani celebrities news.

A few days ago, people were in love with the bridal shower of famous star Aiman Khan. Then she celebrated her birthday with twin sister and friends. People loved the pictures of the twin sisters and they got a lot of attention from the people. Then Aiman Khan tied the knot with Muneeb But and people were glad to hear this beautiful news. They also wished the couple best wishes.

It is now when Mira Sethi announced that she got engaged. This news is viral in Pakistani showbiz news. Mira Sethi is known for her role in the movie, 7 Din Mohabbat In. She made it official on the social media after she got engaged where both of the families were present.

She posted a long post on her social account where she mentioned that she met her fiancé and eventually fell in love with him. Mira Sethi got engaged to the son of her family friend. She also mentioned that she met Bilal (her fiancé) in 2017. She said that although she knew Bilal all his life as a friend, but they had never sought each other out. They agreed to meet on a dinner when they both were in Lahore. As they spent more and more time together, Mira Sethi started to fall in love with Bilal.

She also wrote about how Bilal makes her feel and why she fell in love with him. The couple made a lot of memories in the past year together. We wish them a happy life ahead.

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