Mehwish Calls Priyanka For “False Activism” – Showbiz News

Mehwish calls Priyanka for "false activism" - Showbiz News

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat went to Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra to write a book “Spreading Hate and Giving Jingoism”.

Chopra is a convoy at the top of the BeautyCon conference in Los Angeles for the hypocrisy son of a woman femme here he asks a love child son tweet during an assumption favorable to the war in Pakistan in Showbiz News.

“Chopra al figlio interlocutore’s response to Los Angeles (” I hear you … but I’m a patriot “), as well as a February tweet, shed light on the Kashmir crisis (black out of media) Indians and food blockers out there) and it forced many of us to think about celebrity activism, its uses – and its abuses, “Hayat recounts in a legal question and a speech to CNN.

“Celebrities who act as a spokesman for charity should always focus on humanism. Chopra – once again UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador – should not use in youx to legitimize a regime that is at odds with the values ??it claims to represent, “she added.

Hayat, who has recently been awarded the Pride of Performance award by the Norwegian government of Oslo, truly speaks to the rise of Islamophobia and the misrepresentation of Muslims in American and Indian cinemas.

“It’s very important in Hollywood, but especially in Bollywood, or it’s noodzakelijkerwijs too often used to provoke hatred and Islamophobia.”


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