Mahira Khan’s Fundraising Campaign For Shaukat Khanum Hospital In San Fransico:

Mahira Khan’s Fundraising Campaign For Shaukat Khanum Hospital In San Fransico

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital provides cancer treatments to the persons who suffer from pain and misery for many years and a lot of its resources come from the donations and fundraising campaigns. When there is a need raise funds and create awareness among regarding important issues, celebrities Paksitani take part and come forward for these humanitarian activities and its impact more on society and make us respect them even more. One of our stars, Mahira Khan who is a superstar, needs no introduction and is a naturally good actress, generous at heart and one of those personalities who utilize their fame to do something good for people who are in need.

This one of the stars Mahira, before this year was in Dubai to raise funds for Shaukat Khanum Hospital and recently she took the role of an ambassador as well for  Shaukat Khanum hospital’s breast cancer awarneness campaign long with Maya Ali and Sana Mir. Mahira Khan was searching for an opportunity and idea for her efforts to spread awareness regarding breast cancer, which is the most common type of cancer in females. However, the actor decided not to say quiet and responded, in the way she could, to one trolling. Once again a few days back she is ready to grant her full support to this campaign and for this purpose Mahira Khan traveled San Francisco for Shaukat Khanam fundraising Gala and attended fundraising gala dinner that purpose to produce funds for this hospital that is being built in Karachi and this campaign has earned a reputation for Shaukat Khanum among global donors. Besides this, she took part in many social events and run many campaigns.

Starbuzz share latest Pakistani celebrities news about Mahira khan who is running a campaign for fundraising for Shaukat Khanum in San Fransisco.

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