Lips Speak Of Volumes – Latest Beauty Tips

Lips Speak Of Volumes - Latest Beauty Tips

Lips appeal to people – literally and figuratively. Even if someone does not speak, one corner of the rejected mouth says: “I do not approve. I am sad I am angry It is not so bad if you express sadness, anger or disapproval, but what happens if you are not? Can the lips betray you and say something that you do not it is neither true nor correct, and this can be a problem Latest Beauty Tips.

Lips Speak Of Volumes - Latest Beauty Tips
Lips Speak Of Volumes – Latest Beauty Tips

Plastic surgery in general – and lip operations in particular – are poorly observed and concrete. But as a plastic surgeon I often try to match the person outside. Rarely, and only after many suggestions from my patient, will I make lips that defy nature and seem to be clarified. And even if I do, I prefer to use one of the temporary fillers so that the person can change his mind and not regret it.

But I’m in front of myself. Now let’s talk about how lips change over time and how we created wonderful lips over the years.

Lips Speak Of Volumes - Latest Beauty Tips
Lips Speak Of Volumes – Latest Beauty Tips

The lips consist mainly of muscles with some small salivary glands mixed together. Some ethnic groups are blessed with full lips compared to others with thinner lips, but what happens with age is always the same. The lips become thinner. They run empty. Furthermore, the face begins to sink around the mouth. Since your mouth is held in place by a muscle, it cannot follow the face, so soft and sagging tissues create a wrinkle in the corner of the mouth. Like water flowing over a rock in a stream, this translates into a low area. We call this fold the labio-mental fold or the row of dolls. Frown and you don’t even know it.

What should a woman (or a man) do? Oh yes, I’m a big fan of men with the right thin lips. The men who witness the thinning of the lips and the age that derives from it, even gather in mass for therapy. And if they don’t tell me, I often talk to them. This is probably the most overlooked aspect of facial rejuvenation in men.

There are three categories of lip improvement: fillers, structured implants and incisions. I do all three regularly and it is not unusual for me to combine two methods of treatment in one patient, while some patients “switch” from one style of care to another. We will take a look.


With fifty-one, fillers are the most popular type of lip enhancement. Why? It is cheap, fast, no recovery is needed and it is reversible. Reversibility may seem like a bad thing in plastic surgery, but it is not. It’s all right In a way, patients can look at it with full or raised lips before buying. Some of my most artistic patients are very involved in the treatments and they tell me exactly where to place the filling product and how much to use. Indeed, it is probably the only plastic surgery that allows the patient to participate in the creation process during treatment.

Fillers fill the anatomy of the lip and can “stiffen” the corner of the mouth. This increases the angle and makes it less inclined. The load can also be used in the aforementioned laboratory mental fold to further support the corner of the mouth. The other thing that fillers do so well is to restore the volume of the lip pulp and the vermilion edge. It is the loss of edge volume which causes these vertical lines to end up directly in the lips. The filling of the border is usually done to make the lips sexier. It also adds structure to the lip and can widen the mouth.

Freestyle and Judder are generally used for filling, but it is not uncommon to use the patient’s fat. While the former are temporary, the injected fat is a transplant, which can remain permanent, especially if repeated once or twice after the first treatment. A filler I’m not a fan of is silicone, because it can cause permanent malformations in a small percentage of cases. But even that small percentage is too much for me. I do not offer silicone injection to my lips patients.

Structured installations

Liturgist’s PermaLip implant is a new product that has been a success on the market for lip surgery. I love these prosthetic lip enhancers. These are permanent, soft and active implants.

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