Kashmir Grows With Anger While The Harsh Repression Of India Continues – Pakistani Trends

Kashmir grows with anger while the harsh repression of India continues - Trending

The NYT vanguard on Tuesday was devoted to an article describing the annoying conditions in which people live without a phone or internet services, such as a security patrol guarding the streets and threatening to shoot anyone breaking the curfew on August 7. when Kashmir occupied by India is attached.

The newspaper contained 22 large photos interspersed with the article by his photographer Atul Loke, who spent four weeks in Kashmir for two trips in August and September. His report of the situation was written by Jeffrey Gettleman, head of the Times Times office in New York. Delhi.

This is what the photographer saw, as published in the Times:Pakistani Trends.

“Sporadic outbreaks continue to break out. Security guards exploded guns and tear gas in the crowd. Dozens of demonstrators were seriously injured. Many are afraid of going to the hospital, afraid of arrest. Instead, they fall into nearby mosques, their faces bleed, their bodies bleed vibrate, to be swept and blindfolded by friendly volunteers.

“The Indian security forces have arrested thousands of people. Most of them are being detained for free in pre-trial detention. Almost the entire ruling class of Kashmir – representatives, teachers, students, intellectuals and prominent democratically elected traders – it is now behind bars.

“The arrests and blockade left Kashmiris worried, demoralized and furious. Zahida Jan, a high school student, collapsed in pain as she talked about her older brother, Fayaz Ahmed Mir, who was arrested for her in the beginning.” The family says that “He was innocent. His job was to drive a tractor in the orchards. They say the authorities arrested him for participating in a demonstration nine years ago. They have no idea where he is.”

“Children aged eight have invaded the streets. They have little to do with closed schools. Many go to mosques. Among the barking slogans, we can say:” There is only one solution. Gun solution! Gun solution! ”

Several young people claimed to have been tortured by security forces. The Indian government has denied it. The young men, suspected of helping the militants, were arrested, hung on batons, beaten with bamboo sticks, subjected to electric shocks and forced to drink large amounts of harmful liquid. A month after he reported that he had been tortured, Abid Khan, a shopkeeper, showed deep black lines on his buttocks. He said four soldiers stripped him, blocked him, and hit him with wooden posts several times.


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