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What we especially like when we look at Ishq Zahe Naseeb is the mystique about Sameer. So far, 15 episodes have been preserved in one way or another. The mystery of his past continues to intrigue us and this episode has mocked us with new developments of Pakistani Entertainment.

The last episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb brought Sameer into a still troubled psychological state. His past haunts him and baffles him with his clear interest in Gohar. The more they say about Sameer, the more we fear Gohar and what the future holds for him. The complex relationship between Shakira (Yumna) and Sameer (Zahid) and their conversations sometimes fascinate us, sometimes strange and sometimes even dangerous.
The characterization of Sameer is certainly original and interesting for a Pakistani drama and manages to retain a convincing charm, which is a major advantage for the drama. Zahid Ahmed continues to surprise us with this complex character. He is asked to express many emotions and translates the states of Sameer in an exceptional way.

Apart from that, Kashif is doing better and we also love the lively Donia. That said, Donia’s one-sided romantic tendency will prove to be a serious problem for the boy. The rapid pace at which Donia’s health has improved from zero to walking alone is not convincing, but the game Zarnish is convincing in this scene to say the least. His body language and expression showed Donia’s difficulty and pain while walking. The scene stood out as one of the best in the episode.
The dialogues have served their purpose well. In general, the episode kept a good pace and the story didn’t drag too far! The story of Hashim Nadeem is very interesting and Farooq Rind has translated the screen perfectly. The actors have permeated the souls of the characters and we are fully committed to the story. Ishq Zahe Naseeb somehow manages to surprise us and we hope he stays that way.

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