Ghana Ali Wearing Saree Crafted With Golden Beads! Fashion Trends In Pakistan

Ghana Ali Wearing Saree Crafted With Golden Beads! Fashion Trends In Pakistan

Ghana Ali in fact hails from a well-known city of Pakistan, Lahore. She was born in Lahore however now she lives in Karachi because of her working commitments as she works in Pakistan television industry.

She was born in 1990 and now she is 27 years. Ghana Ali is newly famous and rising TV star in Pakistan. She has depicted several different roles in several TV drama serials such as Sun Yara and Ap Kay Liye on ARY Digital where she was casted opposite to Junaid Khan, Sangdil on GEO TV as well as many more. She is well known and talented actress having a bold attitude. Her distinctive attitude makes her just right for the negative roles in dramas.

The way she depicts negative role in the dramas are outstanding and she knows what is doing. People like her acting and she is improving with time.

Ghana Ali is the most recognized trendsetter in the town. She came on picture while wearing Sarees each time with a different and new style, being discussed in the celebrity gossip Pakistan. She knows how to carry a saree and she flaunts it in the best way.

Fashion trends in Pakistan,You might have also noticed a lot of celebrities wearing saree, but the way Ghana Ali managed to carry her beautiful saree is just amazing. She just rocked the look and people are going crazy over her pictures.

Here we have flawless images of actress Ghana Ali wearing a saree crafted with the golden beads. She wore silver grey shaded Saree and the border of the saree is highly crafted in the golden colored beads. Have a look on the images of Ghana Ali wearing Saree that is crafted with the golden beads and watch yourself that how fabulous she is looking in this silver grey colored saree.

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