Famous Television Host Waqar Zaka Taken Into Custody Celebrities Pakistani

Famous Television Host Waqar Zaka Taken Into Custody celebrities Pakistani

When we talk about celebrities Pakistani, TV show host Waqar Zaka is often discussed as a fearless man. According to the news, the famous television host, Waqar Zaka, was under arrest previously today for carrying alcohol. Bearing in mind the scandalous and compromising nature of this news, it was all over the internet and television quickly. Though, Waqar Zaka, was very angry on the media houses reporting news about him without knowing the actual facts. He was seen on his Social Media account talking about the false news spread by the Media Houses.

In his Twitter post, Waqar Zaka posted and shared his views in what way the media houses required to exaggerate news deprived of checking the facts and finding the truth. The television host likewise explained his position that he was taken for custody of Sheesha (kind of Hookah), but not alcohol.

“I do not know what is happening, or what is being showed on the news. “What mistake have I done? What kind of the material have I carried with me? There is news that the non-local bottle of alcohol has been found in my vehicle. Kindly, have a look on the FIR filed by the police. If you cannot read what is written in it, then please look for someone who can read it for you,” posted Waqar Zaka in his Social Media post.

He also posted a video on the Social Media. In a 2 minute video, Waqar Zaka moreover mentioned that he needed to educate responsiveness about in what way ownership of the Sheesha, deprived of any intent to use it might have an individual arrested for possession too.Waqar Zaka then also posted a copy of the FIR report filed against him as proof and requesting the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take immediate act counter to the false news casting and the people accountable behind it. It was a hot topic in celebrity gossip Pakistan but it ended well for Waqar.

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