Ehd And Wafa Episode 2 It’s Just The Beginning! – Recent Review

Ehd And Wafa Episode 2 It's just the beginning! - Review

The entire episode focused on strengthening the ties of the four cadets and how director Saife Hassan revealed that the events in this episode were pretty good. The life of the cadets was described very precisely during the episode. Compared to the first episode, the events in the second episode were more convincing and realistic. The installation in this episode seemed realistic and the performance of the entire band was very good on Recent Review.

The episode was fun, he says and we enjoyed pulling the legs of four friends. The writer Mustafa Afridi has done extremely good work with the dialogues that have created a good flow during these malicious incidents.

The best moment of the entire episode was the bunking scene, which was also the first interaction between Saad (Ahad Raza Mir) and Dua (Alizey Shah). The expressions of Ahad’s love were exceptional. Shahzain (Osman) persecuted his friend and the concern of Shariq (Wahaj) was extremely encouraging. Saife Hassan has taken all these things out of a single scene.

In this episode, the four boys seemed well synchronized, just like their characters. However, the director is disappointing and his scenes are staggering. The performance of the Firdous goalkeeper was good.

The drama made a nice comment during the episode. It was nice to look at the damage the GSU could sustain and the incredible happiness with which they always escaped. That said, one cannot help but notice the negligence of the producers while filming the drama in the setting of Cadet College. First, the cadets in the drama are around 18 years old. However, the entire foreground has nothing to do with age. No effort or effort has been made to make them look, including hairstyles. Moreover, the scene of Zara Noor Abbas did not fall the entire episode and he seemed very useless. Zara’s rendering of a glittering Rani is fun!

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