Daasi Episode 3 No Character Development – Latest Review

Daasi Episode 3 No character development - Review

Directed by Mohsin Talat, the third episode of Daasi was broadcast last night and it must be said that it did not fully meet expectations. This episode involves a change in the relations between Sunehri, Aahil and Aaliyah. Sunehri was looking for ways to avenge Aahil. However, the episode had an excellent performance, Daasi hoping for a moving scenario. After Ishq Tamasha, we had hoped that it would be another drama not to be missed, written by Misbah Nosheen. But we were a little discouraged in this episode in Latest Review.
The character who surprised us most is Aaliyah, played by Faryal Mehmood. Congratulations on his acting skills, whether he supported Sunehri as his best friend or secretly drew Aahil while falling in love with him, his expressions said it all. She was completely captured by her avatar and has outrun the female star, Mawra Hocane, in this episode.

Adeel Hussain caught everyone’s attention with her clear expressions and excellent dialogue. Whatever Sunehri does, he remains calm and never takes revenge. Although he comes to suffer the loss of his father’s death, he remains calm and fights to start his life again, far from all the demons of his past, even his mother. This shows the type of maturity a person gets after surviving hard times.

Although Hina Bayat did not spend a lot of time on screen in this episode, her interpretation of the always loving and always worried mother is one of the few characters in this series to add realism. There is also a bit of hypocrisy in her character, but her role as a worried mother was perfect. Fazila Qaiser, as mother of Mawra, is another character who gives us an idea of ??all that our parents are sacrificing for us. The way he struggles to manage his house without anyone else helping and supporting him does not touch our hearts.
We have also praised the series’ cinematography in previous reviews and believe it should be appreciated today. The sets and places of photography are picturesque and the actors’ wardrobe is perfectly adapted to their roles.

However, our high expectations have been reduced with respect to women’s command. Mawra’s rendering of Sunheri is overly done. The spectators were waiting to see Mawra on the television screen after Aangan and unfortunately we felt like it. However, his interpretations are not the only problem that his character is also problematic.


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