Amir Liaquat Tweet his Second Wife Picture with the Message Pakistani Celebrities

Amir Liaquat Tweet his Second Wife Picture with the Message

Aamir Liaquat always remains in the news for some or the other reason but His personal life, however, has never been discussed in the news like it is being discussed right now. This one of the Pakistani Celebrities second marriage news surfaced on social when he submitted nomination papers for elections 2018 this year in April in which he had not mentioned his second marriage with Tooba Anwar and stirred a debate on social media and this news was a shock for many people. People came to know about Tooba Anwar who is working at BOL as a manager corporate officer when Amir Liaquat pictures with Tooba surfaced on social media. But this couple follows and keeps on sharing each other’s post on social media. As on an international day of Girl child.

Amir Liaqat 2nd Wife Tooba

Amir Liaquat tweeted his second wife picture with the message that Masha Allah you are strong, characterized by a great determination. A true lady does not demand, she thanks and a true man does not promise, he commits. Being both soft and strong is a combination and that is you!!” and Tooba Anwar replied that Your kind words and appreciation is everything for me. Thank you for always believing in me. People comment on Aamir Liaquat’s post by saying that what he thinks about his first wife Bushra Aamir.

Amir Liaqat First and Second Wife

His first wife Bushra Aamir has been seen many times on Tv and people are quite familiar with her and she is not only the housewife but runs his clothing line as well and this couple has two children. Daily Pakistan reported that Aamir Liaquat’s first wife health deteriorated and was rushed to the hospital when she heard the news of his second marriage. When she read this news on social media she reacted to this news by saying that it is disgusting and this cannot be true. Later Amir Liaquat admitted his nikkah with Tooba that was done a few months back and rukhsati was done in September and Amir Liaquat and his second wife pictures on Eid suggested that they celebrate Eid together.

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