Alif Episode 2- Hamza Ali Abbasi looks like Momin – Pakistani Review

Alif Episode 2- Hamza Ali Abbasi looks like Momin - Pakistani Review

Alif is a journey that takes the viewer beyond the realm of people and the realm of spirituality. The second episode of Alif, directed by Haseeb Hassan, was broadcast on Geo TV last night. This episode of Alif, well directed and well written, forced us to stay glued to our place and did not even let us look away for a second. It was a perfect episode, filled with a multitude of emotions ranging from the dreams and desires of a young boy to the helplessness of a girl who wanted to help her family in Pakistani review.


Pakistani  Review
Pakistani Review

The episode begins with a harrowing scene between Momina (Sajal Aly) and Faisal (Osmaan Khalid Butt). We had already started to have a weakness for her in the first episode, in which she appears as a girl who puts her family’s needs above her needs. As the scene unfolded, we could literally feel the tears flowing down our cheeks as we realized how uninterested this girl was.
Pehlaaj Hassan (the young Momin) shines in his scenes and the depth of his character has influenced all those who have seen him. Even at such a young age, he was aware of his mother’s emotional pain. The way he innocently writes to Allah to express his desires concerns all sinners lost in this materialistic world.
Momina’s (Sajal Aly) pain, which she can’t even express for her family, comes from a calligrapher Master Jee (Saife Hassan) who seems to be his teacher, but we expect more clarity on this character. The dialogues in this scene are so rich in emotion, especially Momina’s Shikwa share when she says, “Sb Allah k hain, bs Momina Allah ki nahi hai”, and they made us cry. Sajal Aly will surely conquer our hearts with this beautiful image of his character.
Hamza Ali Abbasi (Qalb and Momin) played the role of the arrogant and pompous director in a rather surprising way in the last episode and made us want more in this episode. He completely embraced this character and the acting seemed to unfold naturally and flawlessly. He has a pain in his eyes and heart that he covers with his arrogant manners, but we see a touch of vulnerability in his character behind the entire facade.
Sadaf Kanwal as Qalb and Momin’s girlfriend has done justice to his avatar and suspicion of deception about his feelings for Momin has certainly bound us. Manzar Sehbai (Momin’s grandfather) is coming back strong with this series and we were impressed by the acting abilities of the experienced actor.

Each character was written to perfection, as you’d expect from Umera Ahmed. From the narcissistic male who brings Momin to Momina, a worker and a volunteer, all the elements of a novel by Umera Ahmed are present. The dialogues had the quality of the soul that accompanies the stories of Umera Ahmed. Haseeb Hassan gives life to the story with all the great acting performances, the perfect coordination of the scene and the incredible cinematography.

All the scenes were shot to perfection and brought us into a completely different world. The scenes with images of Momin and Husn-e-Jehaan (Kubra Khan) moved and had an artistic quality. Director Haseeb Hassan has worked meticulously and shows every aspect of the episode, from the rhythm of the episode to the picturesque places. The whole episode seemed to be an image processing. The camera work was perfect and the sets were exceptional. Cinematographer Asad Mumtaz Malik did a great job and must be specifically mentioned here to do a good job, which is not very common on a small screen.

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