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Alcohol can be less harmful to people over the age of 50

A recent study examines the health effects of alcohol consumption at different ages. The authors conclude that for people over 50, health risks can be less severe.
Alcohol abuse is linked to a series of serious health consequences.healthy.

These include some forms of cancer, liver and heart diseases and damage to the nervous system, including the brain.

However, as widely reported in the popular press, moderate consumption can have beneficial health effects.

Numerous studies have concluded that reducing alcohol consumption can have a protective effect.

For example, a study showed that mild and moderate alcohol consumption was protected against all causes of death, as well as against cardiovascular diseases.

Not surprisingly, these stories have been well received and read, but not all researchers agree and the debate continues.

A recent study by Dr. Timothy Naimi of the Boston Medical Center in Massachusetts is fueling an already widespread fire.

The authors are interested in the methodology used in previous studies and published their findings earlier this week in the Journal of Alcohol and Alcohol Studies.

The researchers also discovered this clear difference between age groups in terms of the number of potential years lost with alcohol.

They showed that 58.4% of the total number of lost years was between 20 and 49 years old. However, this age group represents only 14.5% of life years saved from alcohol consumption.

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