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Ahad Raza Mir feels more Pakistani than ever

“Life is definitely different, it has changed forever,” said Ahad Raza Mir in  Pakistani Celebrity.

It is midnight in Karachi and Mir, who is still on the set, feels a little thoughtful. We are catching up on the shoot. It’s been almost two years since our last interview and her life has changed 180 degrees since we last spoke.

Then, the dramatic series Yaken ka Safare had just conquered the country and Mir had conquered the audience in an important way.

Although he was the newborn of the block, the following year, he would sweep the awards season for his role as Dr. Asfandyar. He also played in his first feature film (Parwaz Hai Junoon) and in one of the most anticipated dramas of 2018, Aangan.

He is currently filming for an unnamed production and web series directed by Haseeb Hassan, while overseeing a post-production installation with his father, veteran actor Asif Raza Mir. He is also preparing for the release in October of one of this year’s most anticipated dramas, Ehd-e-Wafa.

Although life has become quite unusual for the 25-year-old, she remains relatively the same. In fact, I spend most of our conversation trying to understand how a young star can be so innate, so confident and so normal.
Since it remained the same type of land that was before all this fame, the projector still does not seem to come easily for Mir.

When I ask him how it feels to be greeted by a crowd of delirious fans, both in Pakistan and outside of Pakistan, he burst out laughing, reversing the question with an embarrassing meaning: “It’s so weird, no?

It is when we talk about work that Mir is presented in its most animated and least supervised form.

“For me, work is both a business and an art. Unfortunately, too often, the focus is on promotion and social media, while it

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