About Us

StarBuzz is a unique, interactive online publishing house that provides integrated and updated news and information focusing on the trending activities of celebrities.

It is the first of its kind in Pakistan and has grown to become a credible source of Trending news and celebrities keeping its viewers connected and informed. Serving as a most famous fashion and celebrity style platform, it also contains a large Celebrity profile database, style, fashion, trends, Weddings and exclusive news and insights.

Although we do no longer submit or host any content, users put up embed videos from youtube, FB, Dailymotion and Vimeo and are moderated before posting, however, we nevertheless take strict actions towards the copyright content material posted. if you have any issue with copyright content or publish any copyright content mistakenly please contact us with this Email: Support@StarBuzz.pk, we will immediate action on that content and remove that content within a few hours.

It provides a one-stop platform for celebrities followers, students, publications and trend agencies to interact and share their style of experience on a mutually trending platform.