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This last episode of Aangan presented only a few of the most important developments, but it was not really catchy and impressive. Many scenes and even dialogues are disappointing, to say the least. The dialogue “hum yahan khana nahi, ghum khane aye hei” was fantastic! Up to now, Alia and Chammi are the saving grace of this drama. Especially the character of Alia has a certain depth and you can see that it has the potential to be more interesting. Chammi adds more life to this Pakistani Drama Serials Reviews.

The arrest of Mazhar In recent weeks, viewers have seen Mazhar and his wife arguing all the time and I thought maybe this fight would be the reason why Mazhar would be angry. The reason why Mazhar became the boss of the farangi was logical, but his presentation is neither impressive nor convincing. Instead of telling Mazhar the reasons why he hit his boss, it would have been much better for viewers to see his emotions as they did. Some scenes from Mazhar and Azhar were well written, but the execution was not the measure. The game of Mustafa Afridi was perfectly correct in some scenes. These scenes could have been more moving if the performances were not so mediocre. When Azhar announced the death of Tehmina, Chammi’s reaction should have been first taken care of instead of Jamil’s mother, since Chammi is the one who was most afraid of this marriage. Alia’s farewell scene, in which he says he does not forget Bua or the film “afheem ki dibbi”, is a short but important scene.

The scenes of Alia’s mother are the most monotonous possible. Even after she has lost her daughter, she has not changed at all. His brother has finally appeared tonight. His attitude and, later, his response to his letter clearly showed that he did not care about his sister or his family. This did not stop Farida from covering it again. The writer has shown two totally different kinds of people: those who do not support the English and those who fear them. The scenes that relate to the love and hatred of these characters are very repetitive. Alia was there again to see how her mother had lied while her mother refused to help them. Alia’s expression when he inspected the house of Azhar proved that he did not approve of it. Mawra Hocane’s performance tonight was the culmination of an otherwise non-trivial episode.

Aangan Episode 11 Review – Together Again1
Aangan Episode 11 Review – Together Again1

Chammi and Alia
The meeting between Chammi and Alia was completely contrary to my expectations because it was the first time that Chammi had welcomed such a person. This scene has clearly shown that these two will certainly agree. Because Alia and Chammi are the only characters in this room who have a well-defined presence, it is nice to see them together. The preview of the next episode suggested that the Phenk Jamil would fall for Alia. I hope that the story continues without further tragedy. The character of Isar has been in the background for a few weeks and I am beginning to wonder if he really has a role to play in the story.

General impression
With this episode, Alia and her mother moved to Azhar. This is the most important development tonight, except for the arrest of Mazhar. No one ever wondered why Azhar took Farida and Alia, which was a bit strange. After the two previous episodes in particular, I had more expectations about this episode, but so far the scenario and the execution were fragile. History only develops when there is a tragedy and so far there has been little development of the character.

There are so many times that you feel that the author and the director have been more creative. Alia and Chammi are the only two characters for whom you feel good. Alia is wise after her years, she is also a good character trior. He chose to trust the people who would give birth, on his baray chacha and on the father of Kusum. Mawra Hocane played exceptionally well tonight and Sajal Aly made her presence as usual. These two are the only reason why I will tune in to the next episode. I am also waiting to see if Jamil will really fall in love with Alia or that even this time there is another reason!

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