8 Pakistani Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Highly Qualified Partners! -Pakistani Celebrity

8 Pakistani Celebrities You Didn't Know Had Highly Qualified Partners! -Pakistani Celebrity

We love our Pakistani celebrities and we need to show them that they are proving themselves in the entertainment industry. Well, we know so much about our favorite celebrities, did we know about their husbands? You will be surprised to know the spouses and how highly qualified they are among these 8 celebrities. Let’s start in Pakistani Celebrity.

1. Sanam Jung

Sanam started his career as a VJ on a Pakistani music channel, so he started playing, after which he became famous and much appreciated. He started by organizing a morning show that caused a sensation for the woman. She got married in 2016.
His partner: Syed Abdul Qassam Jafri is a certified flight instructor for Alpha Tango flight services in the United States.

8 Pakistani Celebrities You Didn't Know Had Highly Qualified Partners! -Pakistani Celebrity
8 Pakistani Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Highly Qualified Partners! -Pakistani Celebrity

2. Sarwat Gillani
The drama that earned him much recognition was “Aazar Ki Ayegi Baraat“. Sarwat went to bring his sister to an audition where he caught the director’s attention. Fahad and she were married in 2014 and are the prettiest couple in the city.

His wife: Fahad Mirza is a talented TV actress and model from Pakistan. Fahad is one of the most educated television celebrities in Pakistan. Dr. Fahad Mirza is a certified plastic surgeon / surgeon certified by PMDC, based in Karachi. He owns an MBBS and has many years of experience.

3. Mohib Mirza
Mohib Mirza brings Karachi into his heart and soul. It reflects millions of people, the diversity and emotions of this cosmopolitan urban center thanks to its versatile but well-rooted approach to acting. Mastering his language, the dictation and the Urdu style of Mohib enrich his characters.

His wife, Aamina Sheikh, graduated in video production from Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts, and worked as an assistant in Manhattan’s Curious Pictures. One of the most popular and best paid actresses.

4. Reema Khan
One of the best Pakistani actresses of her time who has been leading the entertainment industry for over ten years. He has directed more than 200 films since his debut in 1990. He is one of the few actors in Pakistan to be recognized by filmmakers around the world.

His partner: Tariq Shahab is a vascular and intervention cardiologist. It is certified by the Board of Directors in cardiovascular diseases, internal medicine and intervention cardiology.

5. Jugan Kazm
Juggun Kazim is one of the most popular animators and role models in Pakistan. He has also acted in many dramas. He also starred in a film alongside the famous Shaan Shahid.

His partner: Faisal Hussain Naqvi is a leading lawyer based in Lahore, Pakistan.

6. Maria Memon
Maria Memon is a Pakistani journalist, news journalist and columnist who currently works for ARY News as a senior anchor.

His partner: Umar Riaz, is said to be a CSS.
7. Sheen Javed
Sheen Javed is an actress and a great dancer in the entertainment industry in Pakistan. Sheen is also an excellent model and host. Sheen Javed got married on September 17th 2017.

His partner: Faryal got married on September 16th, 2017. He is a civil engineer in Lahore.

8. Iffat Omar
Iffat Qamar is a model, actress and producer from Pakistan. It has become one of the most influential models of its time.


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